Adventure redefined


The Yukon is not for everyone. But for those who are not like everyone else, the Yukon is perfect. This is the audience we wanted to target. While major destinations are competing for outdoor tourism, it was imperative to position the Yukon for what it is  a wilder place. The campaign captured the extraordinary nature of Yukon Wild trips that can’t be experienced anywhere else. Time to redefine “adventure”.

Client Yukon Wild
Agency Aasman Brand Communications
Role Creative & Art Direction, Media Strategy
Photography Taylor Burk
Videography Kalum Ko
In order to foster action, we had to create a sense of urgency. Enough of normal? Make your next trip one of a lifetime.
In addition to promoting Yukon Wild as a whole, we added a focus on the key products (activities and locations) in the video and display ads. Tangible offer is proven to trigger greater attraction than generic, and this allowed for further audience refinement to match each one. It resulted in enhanced conversions and a very effective return on investment (ROI) for the campaign.
New image collection
Timeless big bold wilderness

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